1E.S.I.C. CONTRIBUTION RATES REDUCED W.E.F. 15-02-2019    2FEES STRUCTURE REVISED FOR GUJARAT SHOP & ESTABLISHMENT ACT    3GUJARAT HOLDAY LIST 2019    4Minimum Wages W.E.F. 01-10-2018    5EPF ADMIN CHARGES IN AC. NO 2 REDUSED 0.50 W.E.F. 01-06-2018    612% EMPLOYER SHARE WILL BE ELIGIBLE W.E.F. 1-4-2018 IN PMRPY SCHEME    7MINIMUM WAGES CENTRAL WEF 01-04-2018    8MINIMUM WAGES APRIL-18 TO SEP-18    9GRATUITY LIMIT EXTENDED    10Online PF Withdrawal & Transfer Process    11Facility To View Members Passbook    12Facility To Link EKYC At EPFO UAN MEMBER PORTAL    13Facility To Link UAN With Aadhaar At EPFO UAN MEMBER PORTAL    14ACTIVATE MEMBERS UAN ACCOUNT NO.    15Holiday List 2018    16REVISED MINIMUM WAGES W.E.F. 01-10-2017 TO 31-03-2018    17Latest News On EPFO    18MINIMUM WAGES GUJARAT W.E.F. 01-04-2017    19PAYMENT THROUGH BANK GAZETTE    20ESIC WAGE CEALING LIMIT INCREASE TO 21000 W.E.F. 01-01-2017    21Gujarat Labour Welfare Fund Has Been Increased    22PAYMENT OF WAGES OF WORKERS THROUGH BANK ACCOUNT    23Minimum Wages (Central Sphere) W.E.F. 01.10.2016    24ESIC Raises Wage Threshold To Rs 21,000    25Online Inspection In Factory Act.    26TDS Limit Raised Form 30000 To 50000 In EPF WITHDRAWL Benifit.    27EDLI Amedment To Rs. 6 Lakh    28PF Claims Will Be Settled As Per New Provision    29Online Inspection Policy For Gujarat Factory Act.    30CENTRAL MINIMUM WAGES W.E.F. 01-04-2016    31MINIMUM WAGES W.E.F 01-04-2016    32Government Puts Limit On Early Withdrawal Benefit     33Profession Tax Registration In Gujarat Is Online    34ALL INDIA PROFESSIONAL TAX RATE OF 2016.    35Launch Of Upfront Allotment Of UAN To Any Citizen    36MINIMUM WAGES CENTRAL SPHARE W.E.F. 01-10-2015    37MINIMUM WAGES GUJARAT W.E.F. 01-10-2015    38Reduction In EPF Administrative Charges    39Minimum Wages In Gujarat 01-04-15    40TDS Deduction On PF Withdrawal    41ESIC Act, Applicabile On Construction Site.    42Revenue Stamp Not Required In Claim Form   

Minimum Wages Act

To provide for fixing minimum rates of wages in certain employments.Such as Basic rates of wages etc., Variable DA and Value of other concessions etc.

Factory Act

Any premises whareon 10 or more persons with the aid of power or 20 or more workers are/were without aid of power working on any day preceding 12 rnonths, wherein Manufacturing process is being carried on.

E.P.F. Act

All the employees (including casual, part time, Daily wage contract etc.) other then an excluded employee are required to be enrolled as members of the fund the day, the Act comes into force in such establishment.

E.S.I. Act

All Employees drawing wages/salary upto Rs. 15,000/-per month engages either directory or thru' contractor, are covered under Scheme. It has also been extemded upon shopa, hotels, restaurants, roads motor transport undertakings, etc. etc.


Insurance is the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another in exchange for money. It is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a uncertain loss.

Gratuity Act

Gratuity is the reward in the form of money for an employer to his employee on his termination for his past services.

Contract Act

To regulate the employment of contract labour in certain establishments and to provide for Its abolition in certain circumstances and for matters connected therewith.

Apprent Act

Promotion of new manpower at skills. Improvement/refinement of old skills through theoretical and practical training in number of trades and occupation.

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